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I love tennis books! I love reading them but I also love giving them to all of my favorite tennis pals as gifts. And this week, I've got a fabulous one for you. It's The Tennis Drill Book and it is great for all tennis players, whether you're a tennis pro looking for new drills, whether you're an advanced player looking for ways to make your practice sessions more fun, or whether you're a new player wanting to brush up on your mechanics and mental game.

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The holidays are here and it's time to celebrate with some tennis fun! Hooray!

I've got something very special for you this holiday season that I think you’re going to love. It’s a little mini-course I put together called the 12 Days of Tennis. This course is just for you, all of my fabulous Tennis Fixation followers. Some of you may have participated in this mini-course last year (you’ll get a separate email from me), but if you didn’t – now is your chance to join in!

The 12 Days of Tennis is a mini-course that will give you twelve days of fun activities that will help you improve your tennis game while you’re enjoying this busy holiday season.

To go to the course information and registration page, just click here:

Hope to see you inside the course! Happy Holidays and Happy Tennis!


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