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Do you know the difference between regular duty and extra duty tennis balls?  Pressurized and pressureless tennis balls?  Does it really matter?  In this episode of Tennis Quick Tips, you'll learn all about tennis balls and, by the end, you'll know exactly which ones to use the next time you hit the courts.

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A lot of people make the volley a much harder shot than it should be.  By applying a few simple, easy to understand steps, however, you can ensure that the vast majority of your volleys are hit solidly and are on target.  In this episode, I'll give you five steps to get a better tennis volley.

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What's the rule on reaching over the net in tennis?  A lot of points can be won and lost because you don't know the rules of tennis.  In this episode, I'll tell you what the rule is on reaching over the net, how to deal with an opponent who is reaching, and what to do in the one situation where you absolutely must reach over the net to win the point.

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Tennis is a mental game.  We all know that.  So how can you build up the mental strength you need on court?  One of the best ways is to develop laser focus when you're playing tennis.  In this episode, I'll give you my best tips for developing and maintaining your focus in your next match.

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