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You can now get my book Real Tennis Tips For Real Tennis Players: Simple Tips To Help You Play Better Tennis Fast as a download for your Kindle device on Amazon.  And for the next few days, from May 23 to May 27, 2014, it's available for absolutely FREE!  Just visit the information page on my web site to find out about the book and then click on the blue button to go be taken to the free Kindle download:

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And, if you're in a country other than the U.S., just search for "real tennis tips" or "kim selzman" on Amazon.  That should take you right to the Kindle book!

Be sure and get your free version of Real Tennis Tips between May 23 and 27.  All I ask is that you leave me a rating and review on Amazon.  Thanks and Happy Tennis!

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The serve is considered to be the most important shot in tennis and this is doubly true in doubles.  Because in doubles, not only do you live and die by your serve, but your partner does too.  So how can you serve most effectively in doubles?  In this episode, you'll get my best tips for serving smart in tennis doubles.

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The vast majority of volleys are effective when they are simply a block shot where you stick your racquet out and the ball bounces off of it. Why? Why is a block shot usually all that's necessary to hit an effective volley? In this episode of Tennis Quick Tips, you'll learn how and why to hit a block volley.

For more great tennis tips, check out the

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Have you ever dropped your hat on the tennis court?  Or a tennis ball?  Have you ever called out to your doubles partner after sending up a short lob to prevent them from getting creamed by your opponents?  If so, you may have committed a hindrance and are in danger of losing the point.  In this episode you'll learn all about hindrances, what the different types are and what happens if you, or your opponents, commit them.  Listen in to be sure you know the hindrance rule and don't give up points because of it.   

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