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While you're not allowed to have on-court coaching during your tennis matches, the USTA's Rules of Tennis do allow you to look at notes on court.  But can you look at notes on court in the middle of a game or between points?  Can you put your notes in your pocket and then pull them out to review right before you serve?  What's the rule on this and what's the best way to make use of notes on the tennis court?  In this episode, I'll answer a listener question raising this issue, I'll go into what I think the rules of tennis have to say, and I'll give you a great way to remind yourself of the one, most important thing you need to remember in every tennis match you play, on every point.

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Happy 50th episode of Tennis Quick Tips!  I'm so excited to have made it to my official 50th episode of this podcast.  And I have a special gift for all of my wonderful listeners that I'm giving away in the show notes for this episode.


This episode really encapsulates a major part of my Tennis Fixation philosophy which is that there are tons of ways to learn how to play better tennis without playing tennis.  So, in this episode you'll learn ten ways you can do that.  And then, as my gift to you, you can visit the show notes to download a mini-poster called "50 Ways To Play Better Tennis Without Playing Tennis" where you'll learn even more great tips for improving your game.  The show notes can be found at:


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Time for another rules episode!  And I think you'll like this one because I bet you've seen this rule violated in your matches and you've wondered if someone is trying to "game" you with it.  Yes, today we're going to talk about just how much time you get to do various things on court during a match and, more importantly, I'll give you my best tips for what to do when you think your opponent is taking too much time out on the tennis court.

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