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Once again, we're going to talk about tennis rules.  You know I trull love tennis rules.  Because just when you think you know them, something in a match happens that makes you think you don't.  In this week's episode, we're talking about the rule on doubles bounces, or when the ball is "not up."  By the end of the episode, you'll know what the rule on this is, who makes the double bounce call, and just what a "not up" ball is. 

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An important "retro" tennis shot that's valuable, but often forgotten and certainly underutilized, is the lob return.  In this episode, you'll learn just why this is a great shot to add to your arsenal and you'll get my best tips for hitting it exactly right so that it actually wins the point for you.

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I have tons of great tennis resources that I've used over the years to help improve my game.  One of my favorites is one of the first tennis books I ever bought, The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey.  In this episode, I tell you why this is such a great book and how it can help you to play with better focus and concentration on court.  You can find the show notes for this episode as well as a link to The Inner Game of Tennis at:

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What's the worst weather to play tennis in?  The blistering heat?  The bone-chilling cold?  Well, the weather condition I hate most for tennis is the wind.  So in this episode, I give you my very best tips for playing tennis in the wind.

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