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A typical tennis match requires you to move all over the tennis court in an incredibly diverse number of ways.  You don't just run around the court, You sprint, reach, stretch, lunge, bend, leap, quickly change direction, and explosively start and stop.  You charge forward to the net.  You quickly back up when you get lobbed.  You run back and forth, diagonally, and every once in a while you jump up in hopes of stopping a lob.  In this episode, we'll talk about on-court movement and how you can improve your tennis footwork to make sure you're playing as well as you possibly can.

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I just played a doubles match where one of my opponents stood in the doubles alley (behind the baseline of course) when hitting her serve.  She did this on both sides of the court, throughout the match and was really good at placing her serve all  over the service box.  Since this is such an exaggerated and unusual place to stand, I wanted to be sure and let you know what the rules have to say on this particular stance.  In this episode, we'll look at ITF Rules 17 and 18 which give you the answer.  You can find the show notes for this episode by going to:


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