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What's one of the quickest ways to get re-energized in the middle of a tennis match?  It's simple.  Drink some water!  Being properly hydrated can keep you energetic and focused when you're playing a long match.  When you're dehydrated, you can feel weak, fuzzy-headed and even worse.  In this episode, I get some great hydration tips from physician and marathon runner, Dr. Jennifer Trotter.  We talk about how endurance athletes, like runners and tennis players, can stay properly hydrated when engaging in several consecutive hours of exercise.

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Did you know that as much a 80 percent of your time on the court during a tennis match is actually spent NOT hitting the tennis ball?  That's a lot of time.  How can you put all this time to good use?  In this episode, I'll tell you about the benefits of using rituals between points.  And I'll give you a quick, easy, non-quirky looking ritual that you can adopt for your own tennis game.

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So you've joined a tennis team, you've been a really good tennis team member, and now they've asked you to captain the team.  Should you take on that job?  And if you do, how can you make sure you're a great team captain?  In this episode of Tennis Quick Tips, I'll give you my best tips for being a great tennis team captain.

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Well, 2015 is here and for me, that always means coming up with a tennis goal or goals that I'd like to achieve in the new year.  I've done this for the past several years and sometimes I get there, but a lot of times I don't.  So this year, I'm approaching my tennis goals in a whole new way.  Rather that just having a goal in my mind that I'm working toward, I'm using a simple but powerful tool to help me achieve that goal.  And I think this tool can help you too.  So let's talk about tennis goals and how to achieve them in 2015.

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