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If tennis is 50% mental and 50% physical, then doubles is more like 75% mental and 25% physical. You're not only trying to figure how to best play your game, you're also trying to figure out how to work with your partner. So, in this episode of Tennis Quick Tips, I'm giving you a quick mental checklist for tennis doubles. These are the things you need to be sure and think about every time you step on court for a doubles match.

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I'm always surprised by how many tennis players don't know how to play a tiebreak. This is one of those areas where you really need to know what the rules are and make sure that they're followed. So, in this episode of Tennis Quick Tips, we'll quickly go through how to play a tiebreak in tennis and I'll give you some tips for remembering the rules on this so you always play them correctly.

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It's time to answer another great Tennis Quick Tips listener question!   In this episode, I'll be answering a question about what's the best way to position yourself and your left-handed partner when playing doubles.

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