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Isn't it fun playing doubles? You have the best partner in the world. You both play the same way, following the same strategy. You never disagree on what your tactics should be or who should have got that ball down the middle. And you never, ever disagree on calls.

What? That's not how your tennis partnership works? Well, frankly, I doubt if anyone's partnership works that well. So, what do you do when you and your partner disagree on a call? What if one partner calls a serve in and the other calls it out? Is it a let? Do you just replay the point? Is there any kind of rule on this?

I bet it's no surprise to hear that not only is there a rule, but I know about it because I've been in this situation. In this episode, I'll address a recent comment from "Anne" about this difficult situation.  I'll tell you what the tennis rules have to say about this and, hopefully, how you can avoid "doubles purgatory" when you get into a disagreement on calls with your partner.


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Why aren't you poaching more? You know you should be and yet, you're so afraid that you'll get caught with a down-the-line return from your opponent that you keep standing there, flat-footed at the net and you never take a chance on poaching.  But have you tried fake poaching?  Fake poaching might be your ticket to poaching success.  In this episode, I'll explain what fake poaching is and why you should give it a try in your next match.

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I just played in my very first USTA singles tournament!  While I had a great experience, I learned a whole lot of things about playing singles and playing in a tournament.  In this episode of Tennis Quick Tips, I give you a behind-the-scenes look into my experience and I give you my five best tips for playing in a tennis tournament. 

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Just this week, I was reminded not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times how important it is to be patient when playing tennis. I tend to be a very impatient player, wanting to quickly rush the net and end the point.  Unfortunately, this often results in me making tons or errors and giving points and games away to my opponents.  So, because I'm playing a singles tournament this weekend and patience is EXTREMELY important in singles, I am working very hard to become a more patient tennis player.  The way to do this, I believe, is to (1) realize when you're being impatient, and (2) remind yourself to practice patience on court.

The easiest way to recognize that when you're impatient is usually during your serve.  If you're rushing through your serve and don't have a plan, meaning you having thought out where you should place your serve and why, then you're probably being impatient.  A good way to address this is by adopting a service ritual that you use on every single serve.  I talked about this in Episode 4 of Tennis Quick Tips, called Improve Your Tennis Serve Consistency with a Service Ritual.  I'll link to that below.

To help yourself practice patience, rituals are great but so are little reminders.  To remind myself to be patient in my tournament, I've put a little sticker on the inside of the throat of my racquet that says "Patience."  That's all it says but that's all of the reminder that I need to tell myself to slow down, have a plan, reduce my errors and wait for my opportunity to hit a winner.

Patience - it's an important skill on the tennis court and one that we can develop if we just realize we need it and remind ourselves to practice it. 

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It's time for a tennis quick tip on the serve!  While the serve may be the most important stroke in tennis, I believe the toss is the most important part of the serve.  And that's why you need to always hit a good serve.  Too often, we get lazy or impatient and just hit any old toss.  Instead, we need to learn to be patient and wait for that perfect toss before hitting our serve.

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Should you play league tennis?  I get lots of questions and comments from Tennis Fixation followers on this issue.  It can be a pretty divisive topic.  In this episode, I'll talk about my own league experience and give you my pros and cons for playing league tennis and joining a tennis team.

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So you've joined a tennis team, you've been a really good tennis team member, and now they've asked you to captain the team.  Should you take on that job?  And if you do, how can you make sure you're a great team captain?  In this episode of Tennis Quick Tips, I'll give you my best tips for being a great tennis team captain.

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A typical tennis match requires you to move all over the tennis court in an incredibly diverse number of ways.  You don't just run around the court, You sprint, reach, stretch, lunge, bend, leap, quickly change direction, and explosively start and stop.  You charge forward to the net.  You quickly back up when you get lobbed.  You run back and forth, diagonally, and every once in a while you jump up in hopes of stopping a lob.  In this episode, we'll talk about on-court movement and how you can improve your tennis footwork to make sure you're playing as well as you possibly can.

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It's not enough to know all about tennis racquets.  At some point, you've actually got to select a few of them and take them out for a demo.  In this episode, I'm going to give you my best tips for demo-ing tennis racquets so you'll know exactly how to pick the racquet that's just right for you.  You can find all of the show notes for this episode, including links to the resources mentioned at:

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If you haven't figured it out by now, tennis is my favorite sport.  And it's also one of my favorite fitness activities.  But is tennis a good way to get into great shape?  Can I burn fat just by playing tennis?  What I really want to know is exactly how many calories can I burn playing tennis?  In this episode of Tennis Quick tips, we're going to find out the answer to this "burning" question.

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