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What's the rule on reaching over the net in tennis?  A lot of points can be won and lost because you don't know the rules of tennis.  In this episode, I'll tell you what the rule is on reaching over the net, how to deal with an opponent who is reaching, and what to do in the one situation where you absolutely must reach over the net to win the point.

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Tennis is a mental game.  We all know that.  So how can you build up the mental strength you need on court?  One of the best ways is to develop laser focus when you're playing tennis.  In this episode, I'll give you my best tips for developing and maintaining your focus in your next match.

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Do you know what the optimal string tension for your racquet is?  Do you know how to have your racquet strung to best complement your game?  In this episode of Tennis Quick Tips, I'll tell you all about string tension - what it is and how to get the make sure your racquet is always strung at the tension that's best for you.

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While tennis doesn't require a whole lot of gear or equipment, there are all kinds of things you can buy to trick out your racquet.  One of those is a vibration dampener.  Though not very expensive and often very cute, a vibration dampener is not something you should add to your racquet just for fun.  In this episode, I'll explain what a vibration dampener is, what it can do for your racquet, and why you might want to give one a try.  I'll even tell you about the special kind of vibration dampener that Andre Agassi used during his pro years.   

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Do you play a lot of doubles?  Are you a great partner?  I play tennis for three different tennis teams right now.  That means with shuffling line-ups and subs, I may have three different partners each week.  In the course of a month, I can theoretically be partnered with twelve different people!  So, each month, I may be learning how to achieve doubles success with twelve different partners.  And, twelve different partners may be sizing me up, considering my tennis game, and deciding if I am the kind of partner they ever want to play with again.  So, I try to not only play my own game well, I also try to be the person that anyone would be happy to find out they are partnered with.  In this episode, I'll give the tips I use to be a really good, hopefully great, tennis doubles partner.

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Last week, I got "up close and personal" with Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, Jim Courier and James Blake by volunteering at the Camden Cup PowerShares tennis tournament.  While I was looking for tennis tips I could take from the pros and apply to my own game, I noticed how great each of them is at using the tennis ready position.  In this episode, I'll tell you just what the tennis ready position looks like and the benefits you can get from using it in your tennis game.  I'll also give you a link to a great pdf file showing Li Na in the ready position with notations on what she does to get in a near-perfect stance.

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Everyone talks about how your serve is the absolute most important shot you hit in a tennis match but no one ever says much about the return.  Whether you play singles or doubles, over time, you return about the same number of balls as you serve.  So why aren't we all trying to hit better returns?  In this episode, you'l get a few tips to help you hit better returns in every match you play.

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This week's episode is called "Using an On-Court Cheat Sheet."  But I'm not going to teach you anything illegal.  Instead, my tip concerns the kind of on-court coaching that you and I can avail ourselves of during every match we play.  And it doesn't require any kind of fancy technology or even the services of a tennis coach.  What I'm talking about is the kind of coaching provided for in ITF Rule 30 - these are written notes, or what I like to call my personal "cheat sheet."  In this episode, you'll learn what kind of notes you're allowed to take on court and what you should include in those notes.  You'll also get a bonus tips that's really great for parents of tennis-playing kids.

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